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7 things to consider when hiring a skip

Whether you are hiring a skip for the first time or have hired a skip before the next 7 points will ensure you are fully prepared for your waste disposal

Can I put anything in the skip?

One of the most important considerations is what type of waste you will be putting in a skip and whether this meets the skip hire company’s criteria.

How long you’ll have the skip for

As standard, our skip hire is for 7 days so it’s important to consider whether this will be long enough. We are able to offer extended hire at an additional charge, just let us know. If you are having renovations or building works done, ensure the timings match.

Understand how much waste each skip will hold

We offer a range of skip sizes, from 3 tonne skips up to 16 yard skips. Whether you are carrying out a small house clearance or taking on a big gardening project, there is a skip size to suit different needs.

Decide which size skip you’ll need

After you’ve read how much each of our skips holds, you can then decide which skip size is most suited to the job. If you’re still unsure and require further advice, get in touch with us.

Consider where the skip will go

Our smaller skips will comfortably fit on most driveways. If you’re thinking of putting the skip anywhere else or are hiring a larger skip, you’ll need to measure the dimensions. It should also be easy to access, both for disposing of your waste and for our trucks for pick up and drop off. Skips should not obstruct pedestrians or the street.

See if you require a permit

A permit from your local council is required if you are wanting to put the skip on the road. If you request a roadside dropoff, we will arrange a permit.
Otherwise, a skip is permitted outside your home providing it isn’t an obstruction and doesn’t violate any traffic rules.

Leave instructions of where to leave the skip

We don’t require you to wait in for your skip to arrive, so long as you have pre-paid for the skip and leave us clear instructions as to where to leave it.

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