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Where does your skip waste go?

For years, it’s been an issue – sending colossal amounts of waste to overflowing landfill sites. Over the last few years, we have become more conscious of the environmental impact and our need to protect the planet.

Considering the UK creates around 290 million tons of waste every year, where does this all go once it’s collected from skips? Read our blog to find out.

Why is recycling so important?

Recycling is something we should all be concerned about for a number of reasons.
• Lessening the environmental impact means that we are preserving the planet for future generations
• Reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill means that we’re less likely to be polluting the ground, as chemicals and contaminants can find their way into soil and eventually our water supply or food chain
• It helps to conserve energy, reduces the hours and resources needed to dispose of the waste
• It means we’re only producing what we need: if we continue to recycle materials such as aluminium and plastic, these can be used time and time again instead of producing excess amounts, thus also saving billions of pounds for businesses

Hiring a skip

A skip might be hired for a house clearance, building and construction projects or garden waste. But once you’ve filled the skip and it’s collected, where does the waste go?

Skip waste and recycling

When your skip contents are collected, you might assume they are sent straight to landfill. But actually, a large proportion of it is recycled.

We recycle plastic containers and bottles, glass bottles and aluminium cans, among other materials. In fact, the majority of the waste we collect can be recycled and doesn’t have to go to landfill.

Our team is committed to protecting the planet and recycles waste in a safe and efficient manner.

How you can choose a responsible skip hire company

• Check they have waste management and waste carriers’ licences
• Ask for their policy on recycling and what happens with it when they collect the skip waste
• Check what can and can’t be put in one of their skips so that you are not putting in hazardous materials
• Read customer reviews to see what their service is like


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